My practice takes form through sculpture, installation, textiles and investigates the desirability of
objects through sensuous built and bodily forms. Through processes associated with furniture
making and craft, my work focuses on our physical and psychological relationships to objects and
to lived spaces. Through an exploration of craftsmanship and process, an endearment towards
hand-making carries through my practice to make objects built with care and tenderness.

Wood working processes such as turning, carving and furniture making, implicate the imperfect
hand of the maker while forms closely related to furniture conjure the lived space. Textiles woven
on a floor loom evoke historical methods of making, re-invigorated by contemporary aesthetics
and uses. Uncanny and irregular compositions deflect an immediate interpretation and offer room
for an investigation of the built material environment.


Maddie McNeely is currently a Sculpture MFA Candidate at Concordia University in Montréal,
Québec. She graduated from the Nova Scotia College or Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
with an Interdisciplinary BFA in 2015. She has exhibited in Canada, the United States and South



Soft Shoulder Projects is a newly launched series of handwoven rugs made by the artist. Each 
piece is carefully made and designed to last. This project stems from a love for weaving, craftsmanship,
colour, form and the joy of creating thoughtfully made useful home objects.